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GQ has been recognized internationally as an award-winning innovator in industrial chemicals for the Oil & Gas Industry.


Our inorganic treatment is a revolutionary controlled acid formulation which is ion balanced. When added to other strong acids it controls them making them stable and allowing them to be equally active on the target for an extended period of time. It's unlimited control ability of other strong acids means delivering a problem specific solution every time.


Our organic treatment simply breaks down long hydrocarbon chains such as paraffin and ashphaltines, resulting in shorter hydrocarbon chains. It will eventually spend itself converting completely into more saleable oil improving the overall quality of the final product. Additional benefits realized is its ability to positively impact other impurities such as H2S and its very active demulsification effect.


GQ-Lube is a synergistic blend of chemistries and strong filming agents that provide extreme lubrication properties with superior corrosion inhibition capabilities. The bond is created through an adsorption process where chemically reactive constituents of GQ-Lube forms a highly tenacious layer on the solid surfaces which remain intact through elevated pressures and temperatures.

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