About us

Our mission is to seek and develop applications for our environmentally friendly and safe oilfield chemical technologies that provide economic benefit through their use.

Recognized internationally as an award-winning innovator in industrial chemicals for the Oil and Gas industry, GlobalQuimica produces their chemicals based on a platform of uniquely developed chemistries.

Over the last 30-40 years, the oil and gas industry has seen very little advancement in the chemistries used to address reservoir and well bore issues. These chemistries are focused on delaying rather than fixing the problems that exist, essentially pushing the problem down the line. Our efforts have been on fixing the problem before they occur.

GlobalQuimica introduced chemistries that focus on either the organic or inorganic impurities transforming them prior to them becoming a problem and essentially eliminating the problem from occurring. 

This simple solution makes our unique blends safe to handle and easy to use, while being compatible with each other. When used together, they provide the greatest benefit to unlocking a broader potential for any given reservoir.

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