GQ-Lube® is a synergistic blend of chemistries and strong filming agents that provide extreme lubrication capabilities with superior corrosion inhibition properties. For use as an additive to existing Mud Slurries or in the Mud Composition. GQ-Lube® creates a bond through an adsorption process where chemically reactive constituents at elevated pressures and temperatures form a highly tenacious layer or film on the solid surfaces known as a boundary film. This boundary film supports high workloads, where the load is carried by the surface asperities rather than the hydrodynamic capability of the lubricant providing its resistance to pressure. Our focus is not only on the reduction of torque and drag, but also in conditioning the entire system to maximize the efficiency of all motors and pumps which directly relates to increased ROP.


  • For use in HPHT applications
  • Excellent corrosion inhibitor
  • Torque and drag reduction


  • Effectively increases ROP by reducing torque, drag and improving sliding efficiency
  • Improved solids removal for improved mud quality
  • Does not cause foaming or gumming
  • No incompatibilities
  • No environmental hazards

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