It is an organic liquid compound, designed for the treatment of medium-light crude oil.

By means of a cold chemical reaction mechanism (non-thermal), it allows the elimination of paraffin, asphaltenes and organic precipitates in the wells. The reaction of the product with the hydrocarbon is achieved by injecting it at the bottom of the well and thus being able to use temperature, bottom pressures and homogenization by mechanical pumping. This achieves a permanent and irreversible transformation of the hydrocarbon with improved properties since the long chains of carbon atoms are permanently shortened in cold, which distinguishes it from conventional treatments.

By reducing the long hydrocarbon chains, properly treating the well will not see paraffin buildup/precipitation and will eliminate asphaltenes as well as related compounds. During the reaction RDV-00 becomes part of the crude oil and prevents long chain hydrocarbons from reconnecting, permanently changing the quality of the crude oil and preventing the appearance of paraffin and asphaltenes.


  • Continuous treatment of the well or by batch
  • Removal of organic deposits in surface facilities and collection systems
  • Crude oil treatment and tank blending operations
  • Continuous treatment or cleaning of downstream pipelines and refineries
  • Effective alternative as a stimulation additive to replace conventional solvents and surfactants in fracking operations.

Results and Benefits

  • Removes paraffin and asphaltenes that cause blockages due to deposits
  • Powerful emulsifier for improved BS&W
  • Not miscible in water
  • Viscosity reducer in light crudes, caused by emulsions, kerosenes and asphaltenes.
  • Viscosity reducer in light crudes, caused by emulsions, paraffins and asphaltenes.
  • Excellent Corrosion Inhibitor and also prevents the formation of bacterial build-up conditions in pipelines.
  • Product certified for use in “umbilical cord” lines for deep sea wells.


  • It is a native solvent
  • It does not use aromatic solvent compounds in its composition.
  • No compatibility problems with elastomers, brass, steel.
  • It eliminates foam in hydrocarbons because it is a powerful surfactant.
  • Maintains the wettability of the reservoir.
  • Flash Point 168 ºF (75ºC)
  • Ideal in high pressure and downhole temperature conditions (stable to over 760F).

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