GQ-Lube® Technology

GQ- LUBE® is a novel and innovative lubricant. It is qualified as unique, as it is an invention with intellectual property. The components are not degradable in the presence of oxygen, water, high temperatures, pressures and particle contamination. GQ-Lube® is a composition that synergistically fuses and transforms chemicals and strong film-forming agents to provide extreme lubrication capability with superior properties that also promote corrosion inhibition. GQ-Lube® creates a bond through an adsorption process in which chemically reactive constituents at elevated pressures and temperatures form a highly tenacious layer or film on solid surfaces known as a boundary film. This boundary film withstands high working loads, where the load is supported by the surface roughness rather than the hydrodynamic capability of the lubricant that provides its pressure resistance.

The fluid conditioning properties of GQ-Lube®, whether used in water-based or oil-based fluids for conventional drilling or coiled tubing oil well drilling applications, is what our technologists believe allows the product to effectively reach and coat pipe and formation surfaces, providing the appreciable lubrication results. Globalquimica is currently providing customers with the product for defined lubrication testing in various markets. Please contact us to see how we can work with you on a trial of what we believe to be the most effective drilling lubricant on the market today.

Our goal is not only torque and drag reduction, but also conditioning the entire system to maximize the efficiency of all motors and pumps, which directly relates to increased ROP – Rate of Penetration.

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